Expert Dementia Training for Staff & Volunteers

An introductory course which is a 3-hour session is available tailored to suit the needs of the audience be they: care providers, family carers, community groups, active retirement groups, educational institutes, ICA or IFA.

One day training courses are provided and receive a certificate of attendance from Dementia Ireland. This course is an overview of DEMENTIA, understanding different types, Person Centred Care, Understanding Emotions, Behavioural Systems and Creating a Supportive Environment and meaningful activities.

A 2-day Certified training programme developed by Dr Kate Irwing DCU for HSE & National Dementia Office is available for Homecare Providers both Management and Homecare workers in the field. This course is also for Residencial Care Providers, Day Centres and Hospital staff.

Training is provided in house with a maximum of 12 per group.

The participant will have the following skills when the course is completed.

On completion of this course, participants will have skills to:

  • Build a relationship with people with dementia
  • Work within a team of people involved with a person with dementia while recognising the need for their own self-care
  • Understand and respond to a range of emotions expressed throughout the dementia process
  • Work with relationships in families and communities
  • Work through a process to help with difficult every-day dilemmas they may face in their role
  • Support the person with dementia in meaningful activity at home and in the community

Training for people providing care and support to people with dementia is vital to service reform. There is emerging consensus on the need for service change to realign care and provision with a kind of support that matches the wishes of people with dementia and their families (Dept. of Health, 2014, Dept. of Health, 2013). These wishes align with commonly expressed aspirations for how most people would like to be cared for if they/ we had dementia in the future – to be cared for with humanity, empathy and dignity, in a way that recognises the self, protects identity and emphasizes strengths and ageing in place.

To achieve these aspirations, front line staff such as home care workers and managers need better education and support to uphold the personhood and avoid abuse of the human rights of people with dementia. Theory on personhood, citizenship and human rights underpin these 6 modules. These concepts are revisited in each module from different practical scenarios with the purpose of making these issues understandable for one of the most important workforces in the dementia care landscape. What is required is often subtle but deeply held changes in values and perspectives but which have far-reaching effects on the care provided.

The course is designed to draw on the knowledge and experience that staff within homecare services have gained through working with people with dementia. It is expected that this learning will be further reinforced through individual reflection, ongoing discussion with other staff and the practical application of the knowledge and skills gained in the course of their daily work-based activity.

The information, examples and case studies provided in the course will serve as an ongoing resource for staff to use in the context of their daily work.

Training programmes tailored to match your budget so please contact us to discuss your options.

We also provide bespoke training for organisations/groups with a person living with a dementia diagnosis co-facilitating a training programme designed for the particular audience.

About our Trainer

Carmel Geoghegan is an advocate and supporter of campaigns that keep the spotlight on Dementia and End of Life Care as a national health priority. Her priority is the development of practice and policies that respect people living with a dementia diagnosis. Carmel’s advocacy work stems from becoming the primary carer for her late Mum Angela in January 2011 after Angela received a late diagnosis of vascular dementia.

Carmel experienced first hand the devastation that comes with a diagnosis, the loss of friends and family, the loneliness and social isolation that is a part of living with a diagnosis or caring/supporting a loved one with a diagnosis.

Prior to Carmel’s life-changing experience, her professional background was in the hospitality and retail industries. She brings over 30 years experience in working with people to develop and deliver a unique and top-class service.

Carmel Geoghegan

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